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Thanks for stopping by to learn a little bit about me and the work that I do. I currently live in South Florida with my love and my pup (Wasabi) and have been since 2003, by way of Central New Jersey. Ironically enough, I have my bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an unofficial minor in Speech-Language Pathology from Nova Southeastern University, but decided put my energy into my first love… Fashion.

As an adolescent, wardrobe styling and all things fashion and beauty related were like second nature. I started as a self taught hair stylist, makeup artist and nail tech from a very young age, and even produced my first fashion show in high school! With all the twists and turns of life I decided to play it “safe” and go to college (I’ve got lots of opinions on the topic of higher education if your willing to indulge me). While working towards my degree, I worked with Fine Art Photographer and dear friend, Leigh Kinne. During that time I returned to wardrobe styling and personal shopping amongst other work related activities.  It wasn’t until more recent years where I felt the desire to return to my natural happy place in the fashion & beauty realm on a more professional level. Best decision I’ve ever made!

In October 2011, Pink Wasabi Boutique, Inc. was born and the rest is history! (I took the names of my adorable pound-puppies to inspire the name, since I’m asked that question a lot.) Pink Wasabi Boutique started as a simple online jewelry shop and has since evolved into a full interactive online shopping and styling experience. I have been working styling for professional photo-shoots and personal clients throughout the Miami/Fort Lauderdale region and beyond.

I’ve begun working on this blog as a means to chronicle my work and the amazing (and not so amazing) experiences that I’m having along the way. Please excuse the site’s appearance while I find my angle.

Please don’t be a stranger! Follow us on Instagram & Twitter (@pinkwasabiSHOP)! You can also follow my not-so-personal (@pinkwasabiLOVE) Instagram & Twitter accounts (at your own risk… I only look innocent).

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