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Green Tea Magic

Now that my Bride-to-Be Experience has come to an end, my knowledge has gained some additional perspective. Caring for my hair, skin and nails became even more important in the months leading up to our wedding day and I have AmorePacific to thank for giving my skin new life! With Asian botanicals at the core of their ingredients, using their own harvested and handpicked green tea leaves (the source of one of the world’s most potent antioxidant, polyphenol EGCG), there’s so much to love about AmorePacific. From Green Tea, Bamboo Sap and Red Ginseng, AmorePacific has utilized the best that nature has to offer to create the very best skincare we could ask for! Since your skin is your body’s largest organ, being mindful of the ingredients you use is major, not just during wedding planning, but in general.

My Experience

So with all of that said, I’m usually prone to breakouts during high stress times like the holidays, so I thought my skin was definitely going to go rogue the week of my wedding. I’m beyond happy to report that I had not ONE breakout or blemish make an appearance before, during, or after we said our “I dos”. Considering the crazy number of tasks I had to accomplish in my roles as both the planner and the bride, I can honestly check that off as a small miracle. I had flawless glowing skin and not a care in the world! (Wedding photos will be posted when they’re ready) Seriously, who knew Green Tea had the magic to help you find your zen, keep you young on the inside and get perfect skin!?

To Splurge or Not to Splurge?

So, I get it, of all the things you’re trying to do while planning your wedding can be extremely pricey. But trust me, you shouldn’t let your skin take a backseat to everything else. And if there’s a time in your life to treat yourself to some high end (and high priced) skincare, your time as a Feyoncé should be it. You may never be professionally photographed more that this ever again in your lifetime. Splurging on the best skincare will not only make you feel fabulous every morning and night leading up to your big day, but will save you cash on the backend. You don’t want to have to pay for extra skin retouching on every single photo and deal with that disappointment after your wedding day.

I like to be proactive about things personally and professionally, and having come out on the other side. I couldn’t have been more relaxed on our day and the days that preceded our wedding and AmorePacific was one of 103,864,826 things that helped me accomplish that.

Try For Yourself…

If you would like to get the Green Tea magical experience my girls and I had with the AmorePacific team at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour, call or email us to schedule your complimentary skincare class complete with prosecco, masks and green tea everything! Its the perfect treat for your bridesmaids.


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