You’re Engaged! Now What?


If you recently “Said YES!” to the love of your life, Congratulations!! We really just want to encourage couples to be savvy about planning their wedding festivities from start to the last dance! Step 1, 2 and 3… Hire a planner who you click with. <<MAJOR>> Your planning team is going to be like your unofficial Bride Squad ring leader, and if you’re working with Pink Wasabi, then add style and design consultant to the mix!

Side Note: Month of coordination is great (not to be mistaken with wedding planning – you plan your wedding with “month of” and we would just confirm and manage what YOU planned)

For every bride that reaches out to me (or any other planner) on the verge of a meltdown with 2 items checked off a 100 item wedding check list and 3 months to go, I could only wish that they would have reached out to me sooner. We could have frolicked through the process together, with minimal stress and financial concern for the same exact package price. We could have talked about your dream wedding goals and helped you make smart decisions to accommodate your budget from the start. What’s the use of coulda, shoulda, woulda when it’s all said and done? None of us get to redo your wedding planning and give you better memories after your big day has passed. <<That’s MAJOR.

Your job and other life responsibilities don’t take a break because you’re getting married, that’s why wedding and event planners exist. Our job is to let you carry on with life as usual while enjoying the fun of being a feyoncé, while we do all the leg work. Think of us like an extension of your Maid/Matron of Honor (who also has a life and a job outside of your wedding planning).

We strongly believe that even if your budget is small, if you’re realistic (w/ respect to guest count and other factors), you can have a BEAUTIFUL (and low stress) wedding if you allow us to walk the path to “I Do” alongside you. It will be so much fun! We promise.



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